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October's theme: Wood

Lochgair Lockdown Creative Activities was a project which aimed to keep us active and engaged over the Autumn and Winter months, during the restrictions on our social lives.  It was about encouraging everyone in Lochgair to be creative….which we all are in our different ways, whether it’s in the photos we take, the stories and jokes we share, the things we make, what we enjoy doing whatever our age.  Each month we had a different theme.   We hope to be able to exhibit these creations in Lochgair Hall some time soon.

The Theme in October was WOOD, or anything related to wood such as trees/branches/leaves, objects made out of wood or wood inspired etc.  We had twenty four submissions.   

Click on the photos to find out whose they are.​

Elspeth garden no1
Fraser's whittlings
Heather's roadside stall
Ian - Wood
Jan's Woodland leaf skiing
Margaret's Driftwood
Marion's spider web
Mike - squirrel feeding pub bench table
Mike - squirrel feeding pub bench table 2
Pete's Wooden cups
Pete's Wooden ladle and cup
Pete's Wooden ladles
Pete's Wooden spoons
Robert's Violin 1 in the white
Robert's Violin 1 scroll
Sam's hedgehog
Viv's Painting
Yvonne's Wooden Spoons


Alison's home made fudge for Christmas
Allan - Path to Viewpoint
Allan - Snow covered Lochgair
Bev's Ballcock Bauble
Bev's stars with fairy lights
Bev- Junk Stars with hit of gold & silver
Christine - a selection of cards
Elspeth's Christmas hanging  (embroidery)
Elspeth's applique advent calendar
Elspeth's applique advent calendar 2
Elspeth's tapestry weaving - Christmas tree
Elspeth's tapestry weaving - candles
Gordon - Loch Gair
Gordon-LochFyne break in the clouds
Gordon-winter visitor
Jan - Shadow, Moonbeam and their son Mag
Jennifer - candle in moonlight
Maggie's Christmas wreath
Maggie's candle holder
Maggie's candle nests
Marion's Christmas sail
Sam Watkiss - Christmas tree
Sam Watkiss -Snowman footprint cards
Shona's Great, Great Uncle Malcom's cocoa recipe (1886)
Viv's Greetings card
Yvonne's face masks for the family
Sam's New Year Card
Viv's calendar of favorite paintings
Mick's mouse in walnut
Mick's log nest
Marion's collage
Maggie's Paisley shawl made into a skirt
Jennifer - First sign of new life after winter
Maggie's art work made from a scrap of wood
Ian Torrance's photo of sunrise at Inverneill
Jan - Without rain there would be no rainbows
Jean's baby shawl for new arrival
Elspeth's bowl of daffodils - February Goldary G
Douglas' Kist of aromatic cedar wood with heart shaped dovetails
Bev - Daff shoots - promise of warmer days
Dave - Car building in Lochgair - still  a way to go
Bev's shabby chic cupboard (with paint & lime)
Anna - Crocus delight peeping through the snow


New Beginnings by Mick Cuthbert

It’s new beginnings, like things that we’ve made,
from artwork and sewing,
to work on the lathe.

Recycle, re paint, mend and fix,
to the garden ornament,
crafted from sticks.

From garage, box, cupboard and loft,
new life in new form,
that shouldn’t be lost.

But the new beginnings, that we all crave,
are our future beginnings,
if we’re brave.

We crave the freedom to hug our child,
our mothers, our fathers
to stand by their sides

To speak to our neighbour face to face
and have a chat,
without that space.

It won’t be long, I hope you agree
to a new beginning,
when we’re free


Sam Peppa and George would like to throw stones on the beach
Viv's Lochgair in Winter The Lochside Track
Victoria's Still life painting of objects found on the shore of Asknish
Marion's weaving of a Lochgair sunset
Bev's image _ her citizens of Lochgair are generic and not based on actual folk!
Jean's Cross stitch map of Loch Gair
Maggie's painting of Redhouse
Anna's Four Seasons on Lochgair-Collage

Lochgair by Ian Smith

Wherever my wanderings take me
On my own, or with Jean as a pair;
We always return on the A83
To our home in lovely Lochgair.

In this time of Covid lockdown
We miss family and mates;
And the Beast from the North
Means I don’t stray forth
From the heat or the beer in my crates.

So every day starts with my Chi Kung
Before I am out of my bed;
We all hope for Spring
And my friend Chen Man Ching
Will see us through until then.

The dawn view of the bay
Is the best time of day;
As the birds cheer us with their song,
There are good times to come
When Covid jabs are all done
And the safe times for which we all pray.


An Loch Gearr by Mick Cuthbert

Lochgair, it straddles the A83,

it’s feet in the water,

it’s head in the trees.

The loch is home to many fine craft,

they sway in the breeze,

as you pass.

You travel the pass, to view the past,

the castle at the point,

now that’s built to last.

Loch Fyne adorns your forward sight,

seals bob up,

to bask in the light,

Rest on the bench, the aura abounds,

the atmosphere, the feelings,

all around.

Walk back along the shell ridden way,

those greedy gulls,

their own cafe!

Across the road, up past the kirk,

up the hill,

no need to search.

Follow the path up to the top,

the stone by the bench,

is where you stop.

Stop and view Lochgair as a whole,

a vision of completeness,

a Clachan of Soul.

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