Ecological Consutancy MacArthur Green is managing an area of 52 hectares (129 Acres) to the south of Lochgair to enhace biodiversity and offest the carbon emissions of the business.

They are working to expand and enhance an existing 8 hectares of oak woodland and 7 hectares of wetland by planting almost 30,000 native trees, managing the damaging effects of deer browsing, and installing bird, bat, and mammal boxes.

They estimate that the project will remove 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the next 100 years, equivalent to the emissions of more than 2,000 trips around the world by car.

The habitat enhancement work will provide homes for wildlife such as birds, bats, red squirrels, pine martens, badgers and otters.

They are encouraging other businesses to adopt a similar approach and have published a guidance note to help with this.

The plans include a route for a footpath linking Lochgair to East Kames, and a number of pedestrain access points.  The community will work with MacArthur Green to make this a reality.

For more information, please see the MacArthur Green website or watch the video below.