Kayaking and Canoeing in Loch Gair... and beyond!

The shape of the inlet that is Loch Gair makes it a versatile location for canoe and kayak trips.  Having shorelines facing in most directions there will usually be a location on the loch that is free from wind.

A trip around the loch could be made in a clockwise direction taking in some of the sights and scenery on the way. It’s not unusual to be greeted by seals and an underwater viewing mask will reveal an array of sea life.

Parking is limited but available just as the road meets the shoreline. Vehicles could then be moved to other parts of the village.

Circular route:

From the normal launch area (marked Green) paddle north avoiding the out flow of the hydroelectric power station. To the left are the meadows and gardens leading to the impressive Asknish House. Long-time derelict it is now being restored back to its former glory.

Following a clockwise direction around the shore there are several inlets and bays which form part of the Ardcastle woods landscape. You can land for a break as this is Forestry land with access.

The second large inlet gives access via a short walk to St Brides Chapel Graveyard, an interesting stopover full of history.

After three rocky outlets we reach the mouth of the loch. This section provides lots of opportunity to look under the surface of the water to see amazing plant life and sea life.

You will be able to see across to the 19th century Lochgair Point House. The short crossing brings you on to the West side of the Loch and again following the shore around will bring you back to the start point.


Other Options

1. Before making the crossing to the Point house follow the coast 300m east, land the boats and climb the short path to Rubha na Drochaid, a viewpoint giving great views down Loch Fyne and beyond.

2 (Open Water experience 9km, Kayak) Follow the coast North with a vehicle waiting at Minard. This will follow the coast along Ardcastle forest, past the old and new Barge / Boat ramps, into Brainport bay past Minard Castle and then into Minard village

3 (Open Sea experience 15km, Kayak) Make the crossing over Loch Fyne (~2 km) and south down the coast to the Oystercatcher Inn at Otter Ferry, cross again West and head up the coast back into Loch Gair.